LFB USA enables the production of life-saving medicines for patients who need them by providing research, development and manufacturing services within the LFB Group as well as to its other affiliates and partners. LFB USA’s scientists and technical experts bring intelligence, professionalism, efficiency, and focus to the development and manufacturing of recombinant therapeutic proteins.

Our proprietary rPRO Technology™ allows the scalable and cost-effective production of recombinant proteins for a broad array of medical applications. This is evident by the regulatory (FDA & EMA) approval of ATryn® (antithrombin), the first commercial product developed utilizing the rPRO Technology™, which is being successfully marketed by our sister company, rEVO Biologics. The value and opportunites brought by utilizing the rPRO Technology™ are further evident through LFB S.A.'s FVIIa program, now in a global Phase III clinical trial. The growing pipeline at LFB USA also includes additional innovative drug candidates in the areas of immunology, haemostasis and intensive care.

In addition to supplying our game-changing recombinant technology for the production of pharmaceutical proteins, LFB USA also provides research, development, manufacturing, quality control, quality assurance, clinical and regulatory capabilities and services. Our goal is to enhance every aspect of drug development internally within LFB USA as well as for our affiliates and partners.

Looking forward, we will continue to demonstrate the value of LFB USA as a developer in our own right and as a reliable partner. Together, we are making a clear and meaningful difference in the lives of patients and families who depend on our products and expertise.

Jose Antonio Moreno Toscano
Chief Executive Officer