Harry M. Meade joined in 1994, and is a founding member of the company. Dr. Meade directs all transgenic molecular biology research and development efforts conducted within the company, including the evaluation of technologies having potential to increase the efficiencies of transgenic protein expression.

Dr. Meade has over 25 years of research experience, the last ten years' pertaining to transgenic research and the development of protein expression systems. He has held scientific positions with Genzyme Corporation, Biogen and Merck. Dr. Meade also is a co-inventor on the first issued patent relating to the production of therapeutic proteins in the milk of animals.

Dr. Meade received his Ph.D. in Biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and completed his post-doctoral studies at Harvard University. He holds Bachelor's degrees in Chemistry and Electrical Engineering from Union College. 

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Senior Vice President, Research and Development, LFB USA